Don’t wish to ride… volunteer instead! We will need plenty of help the day of the event.   

We need volunteers to help with all elements of this event. Read the descriptions of the volunteer opportunities and then sign up below!

  1. Party Volunteer: Day of Event. Choose between a variety of roles that help the party run smoothly on the day of the ride. From distributing t-shirts, to working the beer table, and all that in between. Read the jobs and the time commitments in the sign-up form below. 
  2. Starting Line/Registration Volunteer. There are a few tasks to choose from in this area. Wednesday before the event, help to pack rider kits. Help set up the parking lot the day before the ride and break it down after the ride is over. On the morning of the event, help to check in riders, give out rider bibs and materials, orient riders to the event, direct bicycle and car traffic into and out of the parking lot. Read the jobs and the time commitments in the sign-up form below. 
  3. Creamery Volunteer. Sign up for a creamery below. On the day of the event, you will help to flag riders safely across roads/driveways and into creameries. You will have water and maps for riders. You will direct riders where to get their ice cream, interface with creamery owners, and help to cheer on the riders! Times will vary from mid-morning to mid-afternoon depending on the creamery and route and volunteer shifts range from 1.5-3 hours.
  4. Ride Team: Route Marker. You will help members of the Ride Team to mark routes the week ahead of the event. You help mark the route and any potholes or obstacles that riders need to see.
  5. Ride Team: Flagging Volunteer on Route. Choose a ride and the Ride Team will station you along that route. On the day of the event, you will be at your assigned station on route with a safety vest and flag to help riders make tricky turns safely. Locations and times of stationing will vary. You are a crucial part of these rides running smoothly and safely!
  6. Ride Team: Ride Ambassador Volunteer. Are you an avid cycler? The Ride Team needs ambassdors to participate in each ride at the front and the back of the packs. You will ensure that partipants don’t get left behind or get lost. You are the Ride Team’s eyes and ears on the ground! Plus, you get to ride some awesome routes. You can only be an ambassador for one ride – do not sign up for more than one route.


If you wish to volunteer, please fill out the form below. You may sign up for more than one role as long as they do not conflict. Please be aware of your time commitments! Event organizers will contact you with more details about your volunteer role(s), including important times and locations, closer to the event. Thank you!!

Note, roles will fill and become unavailable when enough volunteers have signed up.


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