We will need plenty of help the day of the event. Don’t wish to ride…then volunteer instead!  Also, we can use some help marking the routes the week before the event and setting up the day before the event.    


We need volunteers to help:

  1.   prepare the route  (Ride Preparation)
  2.   set up the starting line and finish line  (Set Up Team)
  3.   at the starting line  (Check-in Team)
  4.   during the ride  (Ride Team)
  5.   at the creameries  (Creamery Team)
  6.   during the party  (Party Team)
  7.   at the conclusion of the party.  (Clean Up Team)

If you are interested in helping out at this fun event, please fill out the form below.  Thank you!

View 2018 Volunteer Release Form                       View T-Shirt Size Chart