The Deal

We want the Tour de Crème to be a good time that showcases land conservation and rail-trails here in Mattapoisett. It’s also an opportunity to raise funds for hiking and biking trails that benefit everyone in the area. This year, we’re asking participants to raise at least $10; we hope you’ll take on the challenge.  

The Goal

We are asking Tour de Crème participants to help us raise our $16,000 goal from family and friends. We have an online fundraising platform to make it easy, but we’re also happy to accept checks. 

All net proceeds will be split 50/50 between two projects: a rail-trail to Marion and maintenance and expansion of hiking trails on Mattapoisett Land Trust properties.  

The Incentives

Asking for donations can be easy if you follow our Fundraising Tips.  As a thank you, everyone who raises at least:

  • $100 will receive an Oxcart lobster roll at the post-ride party.
  • $250 will receive a set of rechargeable Kryptonite front and rear bike lights.
  • $500 will receive a spiffy 3-pocket yellow Tour de Crème bike jersey
  • $1,000 will receive the whole kit and caboodle!

If you want to receive your bike jersey on the day of the ride, please let us know by April 15th that you will raise $500 or more. You can do that when you register for the ride or by sending an email to

The Process

After you register, you will automatically be taken to an online fundraising page that you set up and use to collect online donations. There’s a $10 minimum, but we think you’ll find it easy to raise more for trails and a bike path.  

We accept checks too. Please have them made out to Mattapoisett Land Trust and bring them with you to the start.