25-Mile Tour

This year, we are planning for a 25-mile ride that does not include the new portion (1B) of the Mattapoisett Bike Path. However, if luck has it and 1B is finished and passes all safety measures, we will instead run a 23-mile ride using that section of the path. It will be a decision that must be made closer to the event, but we want you to know it could go either way. Keep an eye on this page for updates! 

This ride of the Tour de Crème starts from Mattapoisett Town Beach at 11:00 am. On this tour, you will discover delightful backroads and the beautiful Mattapoisett Bike Path. Along the way, you will find three delicious creameries: Dorothy Cox Ice Cream, West Island Creamery, and Fieldstone Creamery.


RideWithGPS 25-mile ride map (without 1B) can be found here